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logo02Hearty greetings from the Young Poets Club of India, Editor and Web Administrator of Young Poet.Org to all our young poets, senior poets, readers, contributors and well wishers of the journal from all over the literary world.

We have pleasure to inform you of the release of the latest issue bringing you some of the best poems from the poets - young and senior. As we started the publication of YOUNG POET, as the Millennium gift to the young poets-by definition poets less than twenty five years of age, we were very particular that the journal provides a platform to the young poets only. Now that almost a decade and half has gone since the Club was founded and its official organ was published, many of those young poets of those days have gone beyond twenty five and of course new tribe of young poets have come in, we have a lot of requests that the condition regarding age must be revised and in deference to their wishes, our YOUNG POET is open to all and our team is conscious of the fact that poets of what ever age they are, all are quite young in their spirits and hearts.

We are sure the issue will be well received by the lovers of English poetry and they will encourage the poets to come out with their best of poetic talents-in content, theme and presentation.

With best wishes

N.V. Subbaraman

YOUNG POETS CLUB OF INDIA was inaugurated in the BERTRUM HALL of LOYOLA COLLEGE, Chennai on 14th November 2000 with a view to encouraging the young who have a flair for writing English poetry but unable to find a platform to get exposures. The same has been made into an online web magazine with the development of the Internet. The Young Poets Club is functioning with the following objectives:

To channelise the poetic talents of the youth, spread throughout the length and breadth of India.
To provide a medium to make their talents known to the literary world.

To build up leadership with noble and sterling vision, character, responsibility and sensitivity, humanism and love for nature through the medium of poetry.

To promote universal brotherhood, peace and harmony through poetry.

Success is wrought
By closing our eyes
World does not become dark
By running away
Problems do not cease to exist
By refusing to change
Changing world cannot be stopped
By laying the foundation stone
Projects cannot be completed
By day dreaming along
One's goal cannot be reached
By wishful thinking alone
One's objectives cannot be achieved
Sure success is wrought
Through our efforts and His grace!
Realise reality, respond to needs
Taste success with peace and ease!

Quote from BREEZE by the Editor

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